Add Healthy Essential Oils to Your Weight Loss Program

Are you looking for ingredients supporting weight loss? You may want to try some of essential oils for this purpose. Essential oils can be a great option to add to a weight/fat loss program. They are influencing our perception and can be mood enhancing, uplifting, and detoxifying. They’re also known to increase blood circulation and break up fatty deposits.

Essential oils aren’t a magic to make the kilograms just fall away. But they’re a wonderful and effective addition to your weight loss arsenal. Some of the more effective essential oils for weight loss are:

Grapefruit essential oil

As you of the top essential oils for weight loss, grapefruit has been shown to help with cellulite, overeating, weight loss and toning, as well as stress, and uplifting your brain and thoughts. On emotional and spiritual levels, grapefruit is said to address a person’s self-acceptance, self-abuse, eating disorders, and body image.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint is a superb aid to digestion. It can help you lose weight by focusing on the part of the brain that triggers the sensation of being full when you eat. Add several drops of peppermint essential oil to a cotton swab or cloth or diffuse it and inhale the vapors before your meals to lessen your appetite. You can also add 1 or 2 drops of peppermint essential oil to some glass of water and drink it before your meals for the similar effect. As an added benefit, it tastes great and can give you a little extra energy.

Ginger essential oil

Ginger is well-known for digestion or digestive issues. Additionally, it increases energy, warms the body, and provides a tonic and a stimulant towards the system. Emotionally and spiritually, ginger creates empowerment. Its warming which stimulates properties stimulates our inner strength, our willingness to alter, and our refusal to being powerless or defeated within our life.

Lemon essential oil

This oil has a light detoxifying affect on the body, increases physical levels of energy, and may address intestinal parasites along with a multitude of digestive ailments. With an emotional and spiritual level it may affect a person’s self-judgments and self-approval.

Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot has strong sedative properties that make it a great essential oil for fighting stress and stress triggered eating. If you pair it with lavender, it’s much more effective. Put a couple of drops on the cloth and inhale the vapors to unwind when you feel stressed and lured to eat or dilute it by placing a drop in a teaspoon of honey or perhaps a 4 oz. glass of soy or almond milk and drinking it.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint is ideal for a huge array of digestive issues, energizes the mind, and helps with candida (which often influences weight). Emotionally and spiritually it it uplifts heavy emotions, for example depression, and increases optimism and motivation.

Healthy Essential Oils to Your Weight Loss


Cinnamon has been said to enhance the work of all the other essential oils for weight loss. With this it’s also been found to impact healthy levels of insulin, improve digestion and circulation, gently detox the body, stimulates the immune system, and even increases libido. Emotionally and spiritually, cinnamon has been said to increase our self-love, improve our body image and acceptance,

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