Quality Policy

Natureal’s business is inspired by plants and gifts of nature. Respect for the environment is a natural choice for us. Natureal is committed to providing natural, healthy and safe ingredients for the food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

We are committed to maintain and continue to achieve ever-increasing levels of our operational methods that will maintain and grow our reputation, thereby leading to increased levels of customer satisfaction and improved profitability.

The Company sources quality products from manufacturers, with whom we keep long-term relationships. We ensure all suppliers provide material consistent with our quality requirements by matching product certification with the agreed specification. Products are subject to positive handling and storage.

The Company will endeavor to offer a product range and technical back up to match customer requirements by constantly reviewing and updating the product range and monitoring customer feedback.

The Company ensures that the correct products of the required quality are supplied to customers in prime condition and at the time requested. This is achieved by supplying adequate certification and documentation. Order reception, recording and input facilities will operate to a level that satisfies customer demand.